My Favorite 4K HDR TVs (2019)

Although it’s still early days for 2019, I can already tell that this year will be one of the best for TVs. I caught my first glimpse of this year’s futuristic flatscreens in early January at CES 2019 and walked away impressed with all the new tech Samsung, LG and Sony have cooked up for us later this year.

To that end, I’ve assembled the Avengers of 4K TVs over at TechRadar with models from the big three (LG, Sony and Samsung) plus some new players like TCL and Vizio. Below you’ll find my favorite screens of the year and head over to TechRadar for the complete list.

1. My favorite TV of 2019: Samsung Q90R QLED TV

2. LG C8 OLED Series

3. Sony Bravia A9F OLED

4. TCL 6-Series (R615, R617)

5. Vizio P-Series Quantum

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