About Me


Nick Pino (on left) at Maker Faire 2014

Nick Pino is a veteran technology and video game journalist based out in San Francisco, California. He’s been covering games and tech professionally since 2011, and became TechRadar’s Senior Editor of Home Entertainment in June 2016. In his stint in the world of video games and tech, he’s hosted podcasts and appeared in numerous videos and livestreams on YouTube for TechRadar, GamesRadar and other publications.

Outside of his career in journalism, Nick is an aspiring fiction writer and comic book author, as well as an amateur home brewer. He currently has two projects in development, Boehner and Hunted, both of which are nearly ready for art production. He’s an audiophile, binge-watcher and reader. He’d love nothing more than to help you with your next writing project and can be contacted via email at njpino@gmail.com